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 Advanced coaching classes

These sessions are ran by Harry Woodford and are aimed at climbers operating in the V2 – V6 grade range. Harry has progressed from V3 – V8+ in 3 years and truly believes through training, dedication and the correct attitude you will be able to reach your goal!

What’s Included?

More advanced technique and movement skills, combined with training knowledge and a lot of hard work. Harry will help you learn how to apply the strength you already have and see quick improvements.

What does it cost?

  • £25 for one 60 minute session 1:1
  • £40 for one 60 minute session 1:2 (£20 each)
  • £99 for 5 1:1 sessions
  • Customised training plan – £10 per 3 week period.

Customised training plan?

  • Harry can also offer customised training plans to help you meet your goals. You will need a 1:1 consultation session with Harry first. Here you will write down your goals, strengths and weaknesses and from this a plan will be drawn up.Need to know more?

    Call 0121 4483736

On 8th of February 2016 I commenced a  coaching plan with Harry Woodford. Our initial meeting was at Boulder Central and was the Training facility that was to be used during the plan along with Portway Climbing Wall. The relevance of this is that all exercises were tailored to the facilities available for maximum effectiveness.
At the initial meeting I found Harry very open to my needs and ideas when laying out my goals to him. Ultimately this gave me the confidence to commit to the plan I was consequently given and to be able to adapt it when needed without feeling I was not achieving the main goal.
Initially I was I little skeptical at the ease of some of the modules but later came to trust and enjoy this as it meant I remained injury free whilst still making gains whilst allowing for the normal interruptions on a minor scale of work & other uncontrollable factors. In fact quite often I didn’t really appreciate how hard I was working.
The phases of training were reasonably short and had a deadline to train towards, I also felt they were progressive and easy to measure specific areas such as stamina and strength. The exercise in the cave using a rope to clip was a good example of this and also a good example of the variety in the training plan. It was this varied approach to a all aspects of the plan, e.g, more than one way to develop power and strength, that I felt was key to avoiding injury.
Ultimately I wanted to achieve 7c Sports climbing grade and V7 bouldering grade, both outside. I had several trips to this at a variety of destinations. One of my limiting factors was finding the climbing partners and situation where I could work a project for more than one day, at the time of writing this I have achieved 7b+  Via a red point in one day. On that trip I felt I was in peak condition,which the plan had been designed for, and I’m almost sure my goal of 7c would have been attainable if the circumstances previously described had been available.
I now have a period where I’m unable to commit to a training plan but feel very confident that that when  I’m able to return to training I will achieve what I need using the plan and can adapt it accordingly.
Through out the coaching sessions Harry has been very approachable, supportive and willing to listen to feed back and ideas. Most importantly it’s been fun.
I would not hesitate to recommend Harry as a coach to any climber looking to improve.

Tim Larrad (June 2016)